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Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Matilda and Lilah
Smells amazing!

We love anything vanilla and this product is legit. Smells amazing. And lasts for almost two days on my pet.


Smells great

Absolutely amazing

I love love love our Preshie perfume. My dog smells amazing and we get comments on it all the time. I even use it on myself ! I appreciate the fact that it’s vet tested and conditions dogs coats. Would 10000% buy again

Maxi the Cream Loves Preshies

Maxi loves her Preshies. Normally Maxi doesnt like us spraying scents around the home such as febreze etc. so we were a little hesitant with this. But turns out she loves it! She has no issue allowing us to spray her and combing it in. She smells fantastic and the scent lasts. Perfect for when we take her for a visit or have company coming over.

Love it!

Love this for my dog! He smells great and the scent lasts much longer than everything else that I’ve tried in the past. Will be buying more in the future!

Love this for my dogs. Smells amazing and makes their coats so soft. They get a lot more cuddles when they smell this good!

10/10 product!!

Best dog perfume I’ve ever smelled! Amazing quality and It has a great longevity for in between baths. Great product and great smell.

The only perfume I will ever buy!!

AMAZING!! I have tried multiple dog perfumes and this is the only one that smells amazing and is long lasting!! I always use this after I bathe my dog and it makes him smell great for many days after!! Highly recommend!

Smells delicious!

Smells super luxurious & delicious, builds over time!

Dog Perfume Sample Set
Alecia LeBlanc
The Smell

Absolutely love the scents!! My little poodle smells amazing and I love that it is safe for her.

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Alexandria Watkins

This smells absolutely amazing my dog seems to put a little pep in his step when he's wearing this fresh scent!

Very pleased with this.

Very pleased with this.

Amazing scent with bonus coat conditioning!

We got the Cedar & Patchouli scent for our 1 year old golden retriever, Tom (IG: @tom.not.brady)! The packaging is absolutely adorable and the scent is amazing! It also really softened his coat and made it feel like he just got groomed. We got so many compliments, too! Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Amazing scents and amazing costumer service

I ordered a couple of samples and accidently entered an old address. I contacted Preshies and they got back to me so quickly and sent me more samples to my current address. They arrived and I’m obsessed. I want to wear one of them myself!!

Vanilla perfume

Got the vanilla fragrance & it smelled so good!! Even my mom used it !!!! So so delicious

A must have!

Fast shipping and the scent is unbelievable. I want to use this for myself.

The warm rich fragrance goes a long way and my pups smell amazing.

Would definitely purchase again.

Love it!

I received the samples; and it’s hard to decide because both smell so good

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume

Love this dog perfume! The smell isn't too strong and the packaging is absolutely beautiful. Easy way to keep your pet and home smelling good! The perfume bottle is also a great size!

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume

This Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume is my absolute favorite!! I spritz it on my dog for a nice refresh or right after a scrub to add an extra luxurious touch to bath time. Little secret - I have even been known to spray it on my pillows and couch to add some yumminess in everyday life as well. Once you smell it and give it a try, I promise you’ll be obsessed too! 🤍

Love it

Love the smell

The amber vanilla gives more of the cinnamon holiday spice where as the cedar is more of a manly cologne smell very fragrant but nice

Loved it

Thank you loved it


I love the concept of dog perfume! I had to get this out of curiosity. My favorite is the cedar & patchouli scent. The samples came in nice packaging and instructions. Definitely buying the big bottle next!


Perfect for in between and after bath time! We love the amber vanilla scent.