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Smells very natural

We love it! We think the scent is the perfect amount and not too overwhelming at all!

It smells so good!

Leo is literally about to bring all the girls to the yard 😍😩

The smell is lovely

I love it on Hudson

Smells like the salon!

There are a million good things to say about both this brand and this product! The perfume smells AMAZING. It is light enough that your nose isn’t overtaken but strong enough to linger around for a fresh-smelling pup. It allowed both Willow and our home to smell beautiful. With the holidays coming up, I just know this is going to be my quick fix to have willow smelling like a queen before the family arrives. If you’re like me and you’ve tried other products that lose their scent in 15 minutes or are lotion based and make your dog's coat feel funky — this product is IT. It truly blows any other product I’ve tried out of the water.

she is loving it

and smelling so good!

Sample set helped me decife

Went with the amber vanilla.. perfect holiday fragrance

Thank you ❤️

We LOVE it so much!

we love it!

She’s literally a spoiled brat 😂

Love it! Smells so good and really lasts a long time!

It reminds me of what he smells like after the groomer which I love that we can get that smell all the time now

I love it!

To be honest the first time I sprayed it I wasn’t sure about it because it was so strong, but once it sits in her fur for an hour, Nova smells amazing for days!!! 💕

thanks Preshies

just smellin like a lil vanilla bean over here 🍨

After playing outside all weekend... my coat could use a little refresh!

Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s made with all safe ingredients and no harsh chemicals! It makes my coat look and smell so good! ☺️

My secret?

You're never fully dressed without perfume.

Love it!!!

thank you

We love the cedar & patchouli one.

When Maisy needs a bath, we spray her after


I love the packaging & the scent is not to strong

Spa day with Mom 🛁🧽

It makes me smell like the distinguished gentleman I am 🐶 We can’t recommend the cedar and patchouli scent enough 🤩

Beach pups love Preshies

Macy smells amazing after a hose down and Preshies! Going to the beach even more now

Feeling fancy and fresh

Leaves my fur feeling soft and smelling amazing.


they smell so good now!

Maybe she’s born with it...

maybe it’s Preshies <3

The best smelling

Emberly living her best life

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Herman the ween
It’s great!

It’s not too strong which is nice. Also it’s a good neutral scent so can be used for girl or boy dogs

Thank you so much!

Smells amazing!

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Lil Hankie Doodle

Now mom won’t stop sniffin me 😍 I HAZ NEVER SMELT SOOOOOO GOOD!!! You would never knowz I rolled in poo poo yesterday 😊