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Paw Parenting 101: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Fragrances

As a paw parent, you must know how great it is to enjoy life with a clean and groomed dog. Their fur is cut to perfection, their nails are filed, they seem pristine, and even smell better than we do! However, while we love the smell of our newly-groomed dogs, we must also consider how to keep them smelling fresh between baths.

The goal of dog perfume or cologne spray is to mask dog odor without irritating the dog's skin or nasal passageways. Any bad odors are eliminated in seconds! We don't always have time to give our dog a bath or blow dry. A safe dog fragrance is a must-have for any dog owner who wants to keep their pup smelling nice.

With all of that being said, we must seek advice and information about canine fragrances, what they're forulated with, and how they affect our dogs. After all, dog owners want products that are safe for their pups but also effective. 

Read on to discover this guide to dog-friendly fragrances today. 

Your Dog's Favorite Fragrance: Making The Right Choice

Both alcohol- and water-based perfume formulas are available for dogs. Compared to alcohol-based perfumes, water-based fragrances don't last as long. Depending on the coat, an alcohol-based fragrance can linger for up to a week! Most water-based fragrances only last a few hours. 

Because alcohol-based sprays have a higher fragrance concentration, your pup only needs one or two sprays to have a lovely scent. Compared to water-based sprays, which need to be sprayed at least double the amount each time they are used. Alcohol-based sprays are more cost-effective and last longer.

What a Dog Fragrance Can Do

Instead of replacing routine washing, dog perfumes are designed to enhance their natural scent.

Anxiety and stress can be reduced by scents that are calming, such as citrus and chamomile. Some groomers rub lavender oil into their pads before starting to groom anxious dogs.

Alcohol-based perfumes are safe to use, dry rapidly and have a long shelf life. They must be made carefully with responsibly-sourced ingredients and developed without animal testing. 


Dog fragrances are nothing to be skeptical about. As dog parents, we must simply take note of which fragrances help our dogs and which do not. Now that you know which scents can be best used by your dog, they will not only smell good but love their scent, too!

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