How to safely apply dog perfume

How to safely apply dog perfume

Applying dog perfume brings out the best scent in your pup. It's even more of a reason to cuddle when a bath or groom isn’t possible. However, it’s essential to take some key steps when applying dog perfume to ensure that it does not irritate their skin or harm them in any way. 

Here are a few tips for applying dog perfume safely:

1) Choose the right product

Dog perfumes come in various products. Be sure to choose one specifically designed for dogs and free of harsh chemicals or ingredients that may irritate.

2) Read the instructions thoroughly

Before applying the product, read the instructions carefully and follow the manufacturer’s advice. This will help ensure that you use the product correctly and safely. If instructions are not included, follow the easy steps below to ensure your precious fur baby is safe.

3) Test the dog perfume on a small patch of fur 

Some perfumes can cause irritation or even allergic reactions in some dogs. If your dog has had any severe allergic reactions before, start small. No more than one spritz! This means testing the dog perfume on a small patch of their coat first before using it all over their bodies.

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4) Don't get too close to their eyes, nose, or mouth 

When spraying on dog perfume, ensure you don’t get too close to their face, as this can be very irritating. To avoid spraying their face, the best position to spray them is while they’re sitting or lying down. This will keep them from moving too much. If your dog is easily excitable and doesn’t want to sit still, a chew treat will help distract and keep their focus off the dog perfume. The safest thing to do while applying dog perfume is to cover their face with your hand while spritzing. 

If you keep the spray bottle between 12-18” from their coat, the mist will land where you aim. You’ll be much less likely to accidentally spray them in an unwanted location. 

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5) Use sparingly and limit exposure

Once you know it's safe for your pup, you still shouldn’t go overboard when using dog perfume, as less is usually more concerning pet fragrance products. A subtle scent will be much more pleasant for you and your dog than an overbearing one. Premium dog perfume should leave your dog’s coat smelling good for several days. If your dog is especially active, you can re-apply as needed.

One last tip!

Also, remember that short-haired breeds won’t need as much product as long-haired ones. It’s also true larger dogs will require more dog perfume than smaller dogs for adequate coverage.

You're ready to go! By following these tips, you can now enjoy giving your precious pup a notable boost of confidence (and smells great too!) without having any worries about potential harm from applying dog perfume!

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