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Dog Perfume & Coat Conditioner

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Free shipping on all orders

100% Natural

100% Natural





Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Vitamin Enriched

Vitamin Enriched

This all-natural dog perfume and coat conditioner is the perfect way to keep your dog smelling fresh and feeling amazing every day. It’s meant to be worn regularly, and not just on special occasions. 

Bottled in recyclable glass to keep the aroma fresh. The fine mist sprayer allows for easy application, spreading evenly over the top of the coat.

Made in USA.


✔ 100% natural
✔ Vitamin-enriched
✔ Eco-friendly
✔ Vet-approved
✔ Non-GMO
✔ Long-lasting
✔ Vegan
✔ Gluten-free
✔ Cruelty-free


Here are a few suggested times to spoil your precious fur baby with a spritz:

● After your dog gets a groom or bath
● Right before you have guests over
● After playdates with other dogs
● Anytime you adventure outside
● Whenever you want to cuddle
● Neutralize odors on surfaces like dog bed


Top: Sheer Jasmine, Clove
Heart: Amber, Saffron
Base: Vanilla, Cedar


Shake before use. This is a natural product, separation may occur.

Generously spray the perfume evenly over the top of the coat. Best results if used after grooming or bath. Rub in perfume with hand or brush.

Safe to reapply as frequently as needed.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth. If irritation occurs, stop use and consult your veterinarian.


✘ Parabens
✘ Sulfates
✘ Phthalates
✘ Silicone
✘ Formaldehydes
✘ Toxins
✘ Dyes
✘ Harmful ingredients


Organic Alcohol (SDA Ethanol), DI Water, Fragrance/Parfum, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Glycerin (Moisturizer), Preservative (ethylhexylglycerin & caprylyl glycol)

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to try Preshies dog perfume 100% worry-free.
If you don’t love it, our team will refund your order, no questions asked.
See our refund policy here.

Based on 68 reviews
After playing outside all weekend... my coat could use a little refresh!

Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s made with all safe ingredients and no harsh chemicals! It makes my coat look and smell so good! ☺️

My secret?

You're never fully dressed without perfume.

Love it!!!

thank you

We love the cedar & patchouli one.

When Maisy needs a bath, we spray her after


I love the packaging & the scent is not to strong

Spa day with Mom 🛁🧽

It makes me smell like the distinguished gentleman I am 🐶 We can’t recommend the cedar and patchouli scent enough 🤩

Beach pups love Preshies

Macy smells amazing after a hose down and Preshies! Going to the beach even more now

Feeling fancy and fresh

Leaves my fur feeling soft and smelling amazing.


they smell so good now!

Maybe she’s born with it...

maybe it’s Preshies <3

The best smelling

Emberly living her best life

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Herman the ween
It’s great!

It’s not too strong which is nice. Also it’s a good neutral scent so can be used for girl or boy dogs

Thank you so much!

Smells amazing!

Amber Vanilla Dog Perfume
Lil Hankie Doodle

Now mom won’t stop sniffin me 😍 I HAZ NEVER SMELT SOOOOOO GOOD!!! You would never knowz I rolled in poo poo yesterday 😊

On top of the world

Moose might look like an distinguished gentleman, but now he smells like one too ✨

Dainty and sophisticated smell

We love our Preshies perfume. It’s the best pet perfume we have ever tried. Makes us feel sophisticated!!!


The absolute best pup perfume/fur conditioner ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Totally life changing! A must try

Sweetest girl with the sweestest smell

A must-have for any dog owner that wants more cuddles!

smells amazing

yet isn’t overwhelming and is long-lasting! ♡ vitamin-enriched conditioner leaves graham’s coat feeling super soft and cuddly!

We absolutely love the product

We’ve used it a few times now, it’s honestly so awesome. I even brought it to my boyfriends moms so she could try it on her bichon. We love it so much!

💋💄Wet dog smell, who??💋💄

AMAZING perfume/coat conditioner for our pups!🐶 Not only will they be looking fabulous, they will now be smelling like their Amber Vanilla scent😍

So fresh

Obsessed with this product and how my coat looks & smells after🤍😇

Leaving me not only smelling 💯 but also feeling 💯

Mam calls me out on smelling stinky sometimes especially after the dog park. How dare she! I thought she loves me unconditionally 😭 but thanks to Preshies, I can keep rolling in the grass and mam can keep having her good smelling pup.

We give it 5 out of 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would describe Cedar & Patchouli as a fresh scent with a hint of spice. Charlie is so huggable, and smells so nice! I had someone remark that he smells "like he just got out of the shower."

I bring it everywhere with me

Mommy said I have to smell good all the time without bad odor.